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ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools - Standards-Based Instruction, Grading and Reporting


Instruction, assessment and grading in the Osseo Area Schools is standards-based. A “standard” is a specific skill or concept students are expected to have learned following instruction. District, state and national standards are the basis for clearly defined learning targets, instructional activities and  materials and assessments. The goal of standards-based grading is to communicate what each student knows and is able to do according to the standards.


Standards for Grading and Reporting

The Standards for Grading and Reporting are foundational principles for grading and reporting practices in Osseo Area Schools. The standards provide direction for instruction and grading practices to ensure meaningful, accurate and consistent grading and reporting of student achievement.                     


A rubric is a document that describes expectations for the assignment, learning targets (what the student is expected to learn) and levels of quality used to measure progress. A rubric allows students to see the connections between what they are learning and how they will be assessed; it also provides a way for the teacher to provide ongoing feedback on how the student is doing . 

Elementary Rubric (grades K-5)

A task rubric, with scores ranging from 4-1, is used in the elementary schools. Task marks are used for formative (e.g., classwork and homework) and summative assessments (e.g., projects and tests) and are aligned to the categories that appear on the elementary report card.

Elementary Rubric used in Osseo Area Schools

Elementary Report Card

The elementary report card shows marks for reporting standards in each subject area. An example of a reporting standard in math is “Understands and uses numbers to solve problems.” Teachers consider multiple examples of student work collected throughout the trimester that show what a student has learned.  The elementary report cards use a 4-1 scale. Teacher comments are on a separate page.             

Elementary Report Card FAQ

Sample Elementary Report Card

Secondary Rubric (grades 6-12)

A task rubric, with scores ranging from 4-0, is used in middle school and high school. Task marks are used for formative (e.g., classwork and homework) and summative assessments (e.g., research paper and test), aligned to reporting standards (e.g., Understands and identifies fundamental concepts within economics) and recorded in the electronic grade book (SchoolView). 

Secondary Rubric used in Osseo Area Schools

Secondary Report Card

The secondary report card shows a single summary letter grade (A-F) for each course.  Task marks earned throughout the trimester are the basis for determining a summary course grade.  All secondary teachers district wide use the same grade scale.     

Secondary Term Grade Scale

Sample Secondary Report Card


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