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ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools - Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is vital to the protection of our students, staff and visitors. ISD 279 has developed a comprehensive Emergency Plan that incorporates all four phases of crisis management:

  • Prevention/Mitigation
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

ISD 279’s plan was designed with the help of local law enforcement, emergency management, and public health officials. Each school has a customized plan. If you have questions regarding your school’s specific procedures, please contact the principal.

National Incident Management System

Emergency response agencies are required to use the National Incident Management System (NIMS) or Incident Command System (ICS) as an organizational model for assigning resources during an emergency. ISD 279 has adopted the same system to allow us to work together more efficiently.

Universal Response Actions 

ISD 279’s Emergency Plan is based on an “all-hazard” approach that incorporates five Universal Response Actions. Universal Response Actions are clear, standardized directives that can be implemented quickly in a variety of emergency situations. When an emergency happens, the Principal or administrator will implement one of the following response actions:

  • Evacuation
  • Reverse Evacuation
  • Severe Weather Shelter
  • Shelter in Place
  • Lockdown


In case of an emergency, we will inform you as follows:

  • Telephone/email: We will call and/or email you using an automated messaging system. Please be sure to submit or update your contact information through your child’s school.
  • Online: Whenever possible, emergency information will be posted on the district’s website——and the district’s Facebook page—
  • Broadcast: Information will be submitted to major radio and TV stations as “Osseo District 279.”

Please do not call your child’s school with questions during an emergency. The phone lines must remain open for emergency communications. If you need assistance, call the main district phone number: 763.391.7000.

Crisis Response Teams

Each school has a Building Crisis Response Team (BCRT), which is an immediately accessible core group of school personnel who have the knowledge and skills to handle an emergency situation. A District Crisis Response Team (DCRT) supports the building team.

Mental Health Resources 

ISD 279 stands ready to assist schools in providing short or long-term mental health support during and after a crisis. Community resources have also been arranged to assist if needed.


Dave Moredock
Coordinator, Risk Management - Emergency Preparedness