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ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools - Community-Based Vocational Assessment and Training

The Community-Based Vocational Assessment and Training Program (CBVAT) provides opportunities for students to learn about their personal career interests and to develop work skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are necessary to succeed in today’s workplace.

The program is a Career and Technical Education referral option for high school special needs students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Students receive direct instruction from a licensed teacher/work coordinator and are closely monitored and provided on-site job training by experienced vocational trainers. Transportation is provided for students to attend the work activity center at CBVAT and other district schools/sites, as well as various local job sites during the school day.

Through CBVAT, students may:

  • Work or volunteer during the school day at various job sites and community agencies within the community or district schools;
  • Participate in the program work center to complete assembly-type piece under the supervision of CBVAT staff;
  • Complete contracted work from vendors to gain work-based learning experiences; and
  • Complete informal vocational assessments to identify interests, strengths and needs.

Questions regarding the referral and application process may be directed to a student's case manager at the school of attendance or by calling the CBVAT program.

Program Location
Timberland Properties
7600 Boone Ave. N.
Brooklyn Park MN  55428


Angie VanHee