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ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools - ACHIEVE

The ACHIEVE program serves students from grade 1 through age 21 who have significant emotional and behavioral challenges that require a small school setting. Students are provided with individualized instruction to meet academic standards and graduation requirements. The students generally have average to above average cognitive ability, and may require related mental health services to benefit from special education including social work, work coordination and counseling.

We believe that students can establish positive patterns of behavior and decision making. The ACHIEVE program provides opportunities for social and emotional development through a repeated emphasis on successes and strengths. We encourage and nurture positive interactions between staff/students and students/students; we facilitate the development of coping strategies and management techniques to facilitate integration into the mainstream of education and life; we encourage and develop a motivation to learn; and we facilitate language and communication development.

The ACHIEVE Program is a highly structured setting involving the following:

  • Judicious Discipline philosophy and language
  • Positive reinforcement system through effective praise
  • Behavior interventions
  • Low staff-student ratio
  • Frequent school/home communication
  • Related Special Education services
  • High behavioral standards/expectations
  • High academic expectations/support
  • Mainstream and modified curriculum
  • Teaching coping strategies; behavior techniques to facilitate individual student responsibility
  • Community building
  • Safe Haven
  • Promoting independence
  • Social Skills
  • Transitional skills
  • Vocation skills
  • Data collection
  • Conflict resolution
  • Trained staff to deal with potential/actual crisis

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