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DRAWING DESIGNS 2,000 hours is a terrible thing to waste!

Did you know that a child spends more time out of school than in school.  Over 2,000 hours a year adds up to a child's 'free time' and how it is spent is at the discretion of his/her family.  This is important time for developing social skills, building key relationships, exploring interests and keeping skills sharp!  Community Education programs are high-quality programs built on best practices and here to help you fill those hours with meaningful options that fit your families schedule and priorities. 

Choose from a wide variety Osseo Area Schools Community Education programs.  Thousands of delighted customers enroll including children who attend ISD 279 schools, home schools, private and charter schools, and even from other communities.  All programs are fee-based and optional, not a part of the regular ISD 279 curriculum.  But all programs support the mission, goals and learning outcomes of Osseo Area Schools.  This unique relationship assures that your child will continue to learn in a safe, high-quality program. 


Check out these nationally accredited and award-winning programs - Camp ROCKS!, Kidstop, Skills Boost, After School Youth Enrichment!

High quality camps and classes focused on enriching students' lives, sparking a passion or interest, developing personal skills and supporting academics are available during the school year through the After School Youth Enrichement program and in the summer through Camp ROCKS! options.  Kidstop, school-age child care is available before and after school, on non-school days and throughout the summer. 

In need of focused academic support?  Skills Boost

Check out Skills Boost - Small Group Tutoring!  These programs are available year-round to support your child's academic needs for growth, to maintain or to excel.  Small groups provide the attention your child needs for a fee much more affordable than a private center.

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