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ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools - Business Partnerships


business partnershipsA simple drop makes a difference! 

What is needed? 

Your level of commitment can start small, just a drop in the water.  Or, dive in head-first and make a splash!  Even the smallest drop in the ocean can have a dynamic ripple effect. Whether it's scholarship funding, volunteer support, program delivery partnerships or technology integration, we're open to conversation and options for building partnerships.


Make a difference, adopt a program!

Over 2,000 hours per year is available outside of the school day for children to pursue learning which is important to them, engage in the real-world, explore hands-on activities, develop social skills and enhance their interests.  Learning during the school day is important, but the time spent outside of the classroom really adds up!  

Governor Dayton supports adopting an after school program too!  Click here to read more! Out-of-school time programs serve students of all socio-economic groups, learning styles and abilities, and family backgrounds.  Research shows that students who engage in quality programs continue to maintain and develop academic skills building confident, courageous and competent contributors to our community. 

Out-of-school time programs are not a part of the regular school day curriculum and must be fee-based and self-supporting.  Business partnerships are one means by which our community can leverage and align the talents of our community to achieve our mission.  Successful business partnerships with out-of-school time programs can;

  • increase student access through scholarship support
  • provide necessary learning tools and resources that greatly enhance the learning environment
  • create cutting edge, meaningful, real-life learning experiences
  • provide the necessary human capital to 'make it happen'!


 Adopt-a-Program!  Opportunities for your business to become involved. 

DDD13 businesspartnershipsThe Once Upon a Time Dance - Let the magic begin!  This annual event draws over 850 princesses and their prince charmings from around the district for an evening of dancing, crafts, photos, princess treats, CROWN 'blingo', story telling and more.  It fosters positive relationships and creates special memories to last a lifetime.  This event requires over 60 volunteers, 2 days of set-up, magic and clean-up.  It takes over 180 yards of netting draped from the ceiling, 50 winged butterflies suspended overhead, 700 or more freshly baked and artfully frosted cupcakes and multiple special effects.  Funds raised from this one event provide the scholarships for students to participate in Youth Enrichment programs throughout the year.  Making memories, breaking barriers.  Adopting this program results in increased participation events and increased scholarship funds to broaden youth participation.

Skills BoostSkills Boost: Small Group Tutoring - Effective, Intentional, Affordable!  We provide necessary out-of-school time, direct academic tutoring support to help all students gain skills, build confidence and grow academically. Curriculum for this program was selected by the curriculum department to align with the district curriculum and reinforce learning without repeating classroom lessons.  Skills Boost is delivered by district teachers utilizing their instructional expertise combined with best practices for out-of-school time learning.  Skills Boost  is more cost effective than 1:1 tutoring and private centers and is located at the Oak View Elementary tutoring center.  Adopting this program results in providing scholarships for student participation and training to extend access into cutting edge instruction. 

Dial A StoryDial-a-Story - It's free and fun!  The phone rings, the students giggle, one of them gathers poise and picks up the line, "This is Dial-a-Story, my name is Mandy.  What's your name?  Tonight I'll read you..."  For the past 9 years, trained North View Middle School student volunteers experience the pride of contributing to community while they polish their storytelling abilities. Children from throughout the district can call the Dial-a-Story line between 7-9pm to listen to a bedtime story. On average 450 stories are read in 2 hours. Volunteers attend a training session to learn the elements of being a dependable volunteer and reading a story with clarity, emotion and suspense or humor.  It's free and open to anyone who has a phone!  Adopting this program results in added sessions of Dial-a-Story at the same school or with others and increased participation with additional marketing.

chess tournament businesspartnershipsAnnual ISD 279 Chess Tournament - Celebrating our 11th year!  Unique to our schools, this tournament was designed to provide chess club students and enthusiasts with the opportunity to participate in a low-key, low-pressure, fully regulated chess tournament.  It provides them with a place to practice etiquette, sportsmanship and strategy with other student competitors of their age.  Chess notation is encouraged to support learning and reflection.  Participation badges and certificates are awarded to all, with trophies and medals going to the top 6 place finishers in each age category.  Over 100 competitors participate each year.  Experience in this tournament has given local players the confidence and courage to compete at other state tournaments.  Adopting this program results in providing needed scholarships, added technology and enhanced programming.  Volunteers are always needed!

Past Partner Resume

Target Corporation

Scholastic Book Fairs

Cold Stone Creamery

The Dollar Tree

Rainbow Party Arts

Three Rivers Park District



Kid Create Studio

Twin Cities Chess Club

Engineering for Kids Minneapolis


Melissa Henderson
Coordinator of Marketing & Enrichment